About Us

Hagoth Industries LLC (Hey-goth) is a growing business in the town of Weston, Oregon. Our Shop is Nestled halfway between Pendleton, Oregon and Walla Walla, Washington at the base of the Blue Mountains.


Here at Hagoth we serve industries we are passionate about and with passion comes quality. We offer quality services for any customer that walks through our doors.

  • Competition RC Products Design and Manufacturing
  • OEM Replacement Parts
    • Worn out broken parts in- New “Like OEM” replacement parts out
  • AG Robotics
  • Dream-Concept-Reality
    • Engineering
      • Your dream converted to an engineered concept
      • SolidWorks 3d modeling and detail drawings
      • SolidWorks FEA
    • Rapid Prototyping
      • 3d printing
      • Machining
      • Full service fab shop
    • Manufacturing
      • 10 units or 1,000,000 units, the sky is the limit!
      • All CNC Manufacturing Equipment
      • Highly skilled Fabricators


Hagoth Industries LLC May be small but our tools are Mighty!